Satul Banului Guesthouse

Satul Banului Guesthouse - A project for the off-line Life !

To Do

Whether it’s a walk or horse ride, hiking or cycling, or for the more adventurous ones who prefer the strong sensations offered by the motorcycle or the off road car, you will find everything in our village.

Show activities

To See

"A nation who does not know their history is like a child who does not know his parents "- Nicolae Iorga

Because the area is very offerable from this point of view, we invite you to discover some important historical vestiges and spend several hours honoring the memory of our ancestors.

Discover the area

This is the place where you can feel like a child again and play with your children. We invite you to rediscover life without cell phones or tablets, laptops and computers, x-box or playstation, to rediscover how to play outside in the fresh air, to sweat while playing and get tired while relaxing. Our children play in the grass, through the orchard, in the backwater. Our children play in the haystack and climb trees. We have toys for everyone: rocks, sand, hay, and twigs. Our children are NOT playing on plastic slides and DON'T jump on trampolines

NO wifi
Great coffee
NO Plastic
Great Food
NO Noise
Great grass