About us

When the times gave us the opportunity to see other places in the world, and we all started to explore Europe and not only, it was then that we realized that Romania had an extraordinary potential that we easily began lose little by little. We realized that the authentic Romanian tradition gradually disappeared despite the fact that the traditional Romanian architecture was one of the most beautiful in the whole of Europe and the Romanian traditions, some of the warmest and richest ones we had ever seen.

Then we decided not to let the Romanian autenthicity die and we started to collect old objects, supporting beams and other wooden materials over one hundreds of years old from the houses that were demolished, and for fourteen years, we gatherd wood by wood, benches, stories, and pictures.

In 2012, it was the time to put them all together and construct in Satul Banului a traditional authentic house, and so began to take shape the Satul Banului Guesthouse. A house built exclusively with craftsmen from Satul Banului, with materials recovered from the village houses, and with an inspirational look from the peasant houses in this area.

We decided to open doors of the rooms of our barn to our guests, where you can accommodate, rooms that for authenticity each bear the name of one of our great-grandmothers in order to feel as close as possible the authentic atmosphere of the peasant houses.

We invite you to discover some of the atmosphere of our village by navigating the site, and we hope you will cross our threshold so you can feel the warmth of the peasant rooms in Satul Banului.