The Guest House

We offer traditional wallachian style rooms for renting.

The names of the rooms from our barn were given in memory of three of our great-grandmothers: Maica Lina, Maica Floarea and Maica Lisandra and the ground floor of the barn has become a common relaxation space where you can read or listen to old music. Our Loft has two rooms named after our grandmothers, Mamaia din sus and Mamaia de la vale, and the space bellow it was turned in to a outdoor livingroom. They are the great grandmothers in whose rooms we grew up in and spent our childhood years with the smell of basil and quince of the authentic romanian living style. Here, for the first time, we felt the taste of the summer stew made from well ripened tomatoes with fried green onions, cooked in a military aluminum range, on an improvised hob on top of a fire of dry branches or corn cobs in their summer kitchens with clay floors.