Dacian Fortress of Iedera

You can reach the Dacian Fortress Iedera following the 115 B communal road on the beautiful valley of Ruda, crossing the hill between Satul Banului and Iedera. The archaeological site with an area of ​​more than 3 hectares is now afforested and is waiting to be brought to light as soon as possible by the History Museum (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulIa_7Mnd3M).  Even if the fortress is not excavated yet, the hiking is worthwhile to be done for the extraordinary landscapes found on the road, but also for the wilderness of the forests, as well as for the panoramic points we can see from above, on the peaks of Cetatuia Mica and Cetatuia Mare. The route is about 7 km, a good piece (80%) is a forest road and can be easily reached by inexperienced hiking – on foot, by bicycle or by car up to the Citadel. The last 2-300 m are in a steep climb up to the fortress plateau, so adequate equipment is needed.

  • 45.049704, 25.673778
  • 8.2 km
  • 1h 46 min