The Salt Road

If you choose to blend knowledge with off-road rides, Drumul Sarii is one of the best choices. The route proposed by us starts with a part of the Silk Road and after you descend to the village Iedera continues with the Salt Road or the Old Road of Mihai Viteazu. In addition to the special landscapes you have the opportunity to admire, you can also see the salt-mine exploitations at Ocnita, the place from which the salt has been extracted since the time of the Dacians, and from where the largest amount of salt was the given quota as tribute to the Ottoman Empire. On this route you can see the former monastery of Gorgota, built between 1554 – 1557 during the reign of Patrascu the Good, the Dealu Monastery, built in 1501 by Radu the Great, the house and the studio where Justin Capra spent the last years of his life, the Legionary Cross of Moreni, and the former mining exploitation at Filipesti de Padure.

The route will be completed with off road cars within the available seats and with a minimum of 2 participants. The price includes entrance fee to different landmarks, hot drinks and water.
For reservations and more details please contact us.

  • +40 758 997 997
  • Traveled distance 50-70 km