Hermit Anton’s cave

Following the 115 B communal road on the beautiful valley of Ruda, which connects Satul Banului to the village of Iedera, you can reach the cave of the Hermit. At the intersection of 45.057524, 25.678692 you can take the forest road on the right and at the end of it, you can see the demolished rocks that sheltered and stood over the entrance of the Hermitage Grotto and where there was a spring.

Hermit Anton seems to have been a member of the Cantacuzino family, who had a closer connection with the divinity, so he chose to retire in this cave during the Middle Ages.

The trail to the Hermitage Grotto (gps: 45.061690, 25.676065) is about 6 km long and goes through the forest on already existing trails, and the difficulty is minimal.

  • 45.0657869, 25.675407383333335
  • 6.7 km
  • 15 minutes