Lady Stanca’s Princely Court

According to the map made in 1718 by Constantin Brancoveanu's secretary, Anton Maria Chiaro Fiorentino in the "Revolution of Walachia", on the bank of Prahova river there is the Princely Court of Stanca Cantacuzino, the mother of Constantin Brancoveanu. This is the place where Constantin Brancoveanu  grew up and where he became best friends with his cousin Parvu Magureanu. Today, there are only ruins of the Princely Court on the waterfront, which can be visited.

The beauty of the plains around the ruins inspired most of the paintings of Nicolae Grigorescu. The meadows painted by Grigorescu are those in which Constantin Brancoveanu grew up - here he painted the famous  "The chariot with oxen" (one of the 100 that exists) and also some of the paintings with a hothouse, and the chariots in this village are the models in his rustic paintings.

On the way to the ruins of the Princely Court, you can visit the ruins of the Draghici Cantacuzino Palace and the Magureni Church

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Curtea Domneasca a Stancai Cantacuzino