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If you will step into the atmosphere of Muntenia and you will get to know the true values ​​and last but not least you will understand the troubles of the people from these places, who struggled to keep their tradition, language and country, you will notice that Muntenia, which is not known for the wonderful palaces and Romanian mansions built during the Middle Ages, actually hides a much more beautiful history than you have heard so far in this country, much richer, with characters worthy of this generation, who have made us proud.

The multitude of vestiges full of history from these places and the people who inspired them make us indebted to promote and bring to light all their stories. Even if some were “mutilated” by times and history and are almost unrecognizable, they are part of the real and beautiful history of this nation. If today we find them sad after a while in a shadowy cone, these were and are perhaps more important from the historical and cultural point of view than other points of interest of Romanian tourism.

  • The distance to the farthest target is less than 50km and one hour’s drive.
  • The objectives are placed in increasing order according to distance, starting from the courtyard of the Satul Banului Guesthouse.
  • None of the routes to the proposed objectives overlap with DN1 or any another crowded road on the Prahova Valley.