Bike rides

Satul Banului area is very attractive in cycling routes for both beginners and advanced. We recommend three routes with three different difficulty grades, for beginners, intermediate and advanced. The beginner’s route is made up of mostly cobbled and easy-to-reach roads. The route for intermediates includes some of the forest roads in the forests of Satul Banului, and the one for the advanced ones is formed mainly by climbing and descending through the forest. We offer to rent classic and electric bicycles in the limit of availability.

Electric Mountain bike rent : 8.5€/hour or 27€/day
Electric Trekking bike rent : 6€/hour or 22€/day
Clasic bike rent : 2.5€/hour or 9€/day
Guided tour : 7€/hour regardless of the number of people in the group

The program is available on any day of the week with prior reservation.
Depending on the number of rented bikes the prices are negotiable.