The Reign’s Road

By choosing this route you can admire the beauty of the Romanian villages on the Provita Valley. The route tracks the Provita riverbed and reaches its source under the Gurguiatu massif. Along with the development of the commercial road on the Prahova valley, this detour route was used by the traders linking Tara Romaneasca and Transylvania. The Reign’s Road is the generic name of the commercial roads that appeared in Wallachia after the closure of the passing point of Butii Plate. Among the proposed cultural objectives are the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Provita de Sus, founded in 1629, the tomb of Union Metropolitan  – Pimen Georgescu and the Heroes Monument dedicated to the heroes of the First World War, carved by Gheorghe Tudor in 1926.

The route will be completed with off road cars within the available seats and with a minimum of 2 participants. The price includes entrance fee to different landmarks, hot drinks and water.
For reservations and more details please contact us.

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  • Traveled distance 80-100 km