The Hawk’s Ravine

The Gurga ridge, where the Hawk’s Ravine is located, culminating near the village of Breaza, is the continuation of the massive Plesuva, where the Romanian Flag was first risen on July 29, 1939. It is one of the closest panoramic points of Satul Banului, which can give us a unique picture of the Provita valley both at its exit in Ploiesti (Plaies) and Gurguiatu massif, from where the Provita river springs. The route is on already existing trails, low-medium difficulty level, and does not present risk factors (slip, rape etc.). It can also be a bicycle route, for the trained – experienced, it is at 545 m altitude

  • 45.071889, 25.729236
  • 1.7 km
  • 30 minutes