Teisului’s Peak

The peak of Teisului is the highest point in Satul Banului, 721m. The route to Teiusului peak is the longest, requires no experience, it is made 80% through the forest, on already existing paths, but requires forest / mountain equipment. The route passes near Lake Sipotel – after you pass it, continue on the path of the forest. For those who want it, the trail can continue alongside the lake to the top of Teis, where during World War II was installed one of the most efficient German antiaircraft batteries that protected the Campina refinery and the oil transports on the Prahova Valley. Descending from Teisului Peak (coordinated by gps 45.0780556, 25.674444444444447) turn right and you will arrive in the village of Provita de Jos through the forest and then on the Purcareta Valley back to Satul Banului. You can descend on the same route or descend through Provita de Jos.

  • 45.0780556, 25.674444444444447
  • 9.4 km
  • 2h 2min