The Church of Calinesti

The Calinesti church was built between 1636 and 1646 and was founded in the time of Matei Basarab. This place amazes with its style and rich exterior ornamentation. The exterior has been preserved, it is the original, from the time of Matei Basarab. The exterior architecture impresses through the three rows of brick frames and the border in different shapes, which give it a special look.

The building was affected by an earthquake around 1800, after which the bell tower fell. After this event, in 1850, two towers were built to enframe the original one and consolidate the building.

The painting inside the church is very old, it is the work of the disciples of Parvu Mutu, made in 1692. The iconostasis is the original, made of a thick wall about 50 - 60 cm, built with the church, with three rows of painted icons directly on it. The 38 pews are made of sculpted oak, kept in a very good condition. The entrance door to the church is carved in oak wood and above it are five new mosaics of a rare beauty.

on the way to the Calinesti Church you can visit the ruins of the Mavros Cantacuzino Palace, the Magureni Church and the ruins of the Draghici Cantacuzino Palace

  • DJ101P, nr. 14, sat Calinesti, com. Floresti jud. Prahova
  • 45.003507, 25.784728
  • 8.3 km
  • 12 minutes
  • 0722750141 - Preot Paroh Sorin Dan Andreescu