The Bellu Mansion

Because it would be a pity to go through Prahova and not to reach the most important viticultural area of ​​the country, namely the Big Hill, we recommend you to see the Bellu Mansion, a magnificent monument of Romanian architecture, built in the middle of the 19th century, by Baron Bellu.

You can also see many tools used in viticulture, in times that have passed. You will see a boyar house, fortunately with furniture and many original objects belonging to the family who in 1954 donated this mansion to the Romanian Academy.

To better admire the Prahova hills and vineyards we recommend the route: Baicoi, Plopeni, Boldesti-Scaieni, Nisipoasa, Varbila. Even if it is slightly longer, the landscapes will compensate for the number of kilometers.

  • Urlați, str. Orzoaia de Sus, nr. 12
  • 45.001809, 26.235000
  • 54.7 km
  • 56 minutes
  • 0751263813