Of the secrets of riding

The activity is dedicated to those who have never ridden a horse, who do not want to take riding lessons yet who want to ride a horse on the road or through the forest. Things are done like this: we put a horse at your disposal with an instructor who walks constantly along the horse and holds him by the lanyard. The new rider is helped to get on the horse and ride in the surroundings of Ruda, Purcareata, Valea Murilor, etc.

Rate 20 € / person / hour 1 horse for 1 hour of actual work (getting on and of the horse, riding time ). Pedestrian companion throughout.

Initiation in riding (in and out of the ring)

We are initiating riding and we are addressing the beginners, not the experienced riders. You will have the opportunity to learn in the ring and beyond. Thanks to the landscape that we have in Satul Banului, we have the opportunity to learn how to sit on the horse on the hill and valley, how to pass a creek, how to manage a horse outside the ring. We expect you to have a completely new riding experience, where you will discover not only that horse riding is a great sport but also how to communicate with your horse in a number of circumstances.

Rate: 8 € / 30 minutes or 20 € / 60 minutes depending on the qualities and physical resistance of each learner.

In this interval, you will learn the correct position on the horse, start and especially stop the horse, be safe and make simple movements (left-right, go up the hill and down the valley).

Excursion trips

After learnig how to ride a horse, you can make trips. You already know how to get on the horse, start it and stop it, keep it balanced and make it go in the direction you want. You can go to step or trap so it’s time for the next step: to test what you learned on a ride. We start the ride in the surroundings and take a 2-hour ride.

Rate 20 € / person / hour. Package Includes : 1 horse dedicated to the trip (2 hours) Riding center attendant.

Note: The 2-hour trip can be done with a minimum of 1 person and a maximum of 3 people.


The program is available on any day of the week with prior reservation.
The program is available for both children (6 years old) and adults.