The Chaise and the Gig

If you choose to be a guest of our village, you can take a ride with a chaise or a gig/ cabriolet that was built here, in our village a long time ago and refurbished with care and dedication, and in reconditioning process the most important material used was the “soul”. The chaise that is at your disposal has a very interesting history: it was built around the year 1920 and it belonged to the old psalm reader from the Magureni church, Ionescu Ion. Ionescu Ion was the psalm reader of priest Oprea between 1901 and 1945. The chaise was concentrated in the Second World War by the Romanian army in 1943 and when it returned in 1945 as a “reward” for its effort on the battlefield, it was seized by the communists and became the property of the CAP in Magureni. After 1989 it entered his home at the Tifigiu family, the grandchildren of Ionescu Ion, from where we took it and refurbished it in the traditional techniques giving him the opportunity to tell you his story further. The chaise has 4 adult seats, one of which is occupied by the coachman and it can take you on the beautiful valley of Ruda in the scraping of the wooden wheels and in the noise of the horses.

Cabrioletta has 2 seats, one of which is occupied by the coachman, so only one person can ride. It belonged to our great-grandfather Ghita Stan Dobre, who used it in his long business trips for contracting plums on the Provita valley. The model is very, very rare and specific to the southern part of Romania, but also very elegant, the bridge of the gig being very low, close to the ground, making it easy for ladies with long dresses to get on. In its glory days, the gig was pulled by Doina, a large mare, and although today Doina no longer exists, we will find a beautiful and good horse in our village that will haul you so that you feel the pleasure of business trips in the old days. Because over the chaise and the gig have passed somme years and not few, there is the possibility that when they are not technically available, to use a modern four-in-hand of 6 seats, one of which is occupied by the coachman or with the traditional cart. The prices shown in this section apply to modern carriage, but also to the chaise and gig on the condition that the technical condition is good at the time of the request.

In winter, when the roads are covered by snow, we replace them with sleigh rides.

 Carriage ride 5+1 seats /60 min - 50€

 Sleigh ride - 5+1 seats/60 min - 50€