The Trinity Church in Magureni

The Trinity Church in Magureni is the former chapel of the boyar court.

The church partially preserves the original paintings of the famous painter Parvu Mutu, made between 1693 and 1694. The paintings are impressive by the remarkable drawing and the varied color, by their beauty and expressivity. In the Church of Magureni, the auras of the saints are made of golden sheet, to enhance the realism of the composition.

The iconostasis (made in Vienna), that we can see today in the church, is the original wooden one carved in Brancovenesc style and wrapped in silver foil. On the iconostasis there is the bicephalic eagle, the symbol of the Cantacuzins. In the nave, on the right side, there is very realistic representation of Brancoveanu with his four sons, made by Parvu Mutu. The fact that this painting is in the church founded by his cousin, Parvu Magureanu, proves the close relationship and the presence of Constantin Brancoveanu in the Cantacuzino family of Magureni. The church has the most complete votive picture of the Cantacuzines. This portrait gallery was made on two nave and pronaos walls and depicts 60 Cantacuzines from Muntenia. Just like at Filipestii de Pădure, on the staircase leading to the bell tower there is also the portrait of Parvu Mutu with his wife, the only self portrait in which he appears with her. As mentioned in the inscription at the entrance, this building was founded by Pauna Cantacuzino and Parvu Magureanu (wife and son of Draghici Cantacuzino) in 1671. During the earthquake of 1838, the church's tower and ceiling fell, and after the restoration, the church was repainted by Iordache Cantacuzino. On the occasion of the repairs of 1916-1925, the original painting of Parvu Mutu was brought to light by the washing of the newer painting.

On the way to the Church, you can visit the ruins of Draghici Cantacuzino Palace

  • Magureni, Jud. Prahova, strada Principala nr. 939
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  • 6 minutes
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