On her name Alexandra, Mother Lisandra was born in 1901 in the Bica family, was married to Stelian Olteanu and had 3 children – 2 boys and one girl. All of her family, was a family of famous mason and craftsmen in the village. Mother Lisandra was the most tortured of our great grandparents, being the little servant of the Parvulescu family of landowners. In old age she remembered with horror the winter nights when she had to go out in the nightgown to open the gates when the master came home. In World War I she was taken prisoner by the German army and put to work in the oil field Moreni. She did not remember with delight the hunger period, when she had to sell sponges and flowers, gathered from the forest, in the Campina square to survive, and during the winter days when she had work in the forest, cutting down trees and chopping them at standard 1 meter lenght, stacking them in piles with the same 1 meter height, and warm herself up with the help of animals.

She was a great housewife and a huge lover of romanian cuisine. Mother Lisandra’s cooking was very testefull. She enjoyed using ingredients from her own back yard which was large and full of all sorts of vegetables during autumn, and last but not least he liked to cook game or beans boiled for two days at the mouth of the stove.

Her house was the last house in the village, under Rapa Soimului, in the area called “La Olteni”, the area named so precisely because of the fact that there were the roots of the Olteanu family.

The Oltenians, as well as Goran (the Olteanu and Goran families), came to our village, as well as across the whole of the Provita Valley, in the autumn of 1921, from the mountain villages of Arges county Goranu and Guranesti. They are former peasants who joined Tudor Vladimirescu’s movement becoming Panduri, and after his assassination they searched for a place to hide that they found in Satul Banului.


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