The Superior Rural School

Whenever I traveled on DN1 on my way to the mountains, in the vicinity of Poiana Campina, I saw on the left side, at the top of a mound the tower of a bathed old shingle church. For those who do not know, the church was built by Toma Cantacuzino between 1690-1711, and was initially built for his family, but out of strategic necessity it became a military fortress. In this medieval fortress there were two underground tunnels: one with exit to the School Spring - probably in exceptional conditions and normal conditions also, the fortress's staff was using it to bring in fresh water - and a second that started from the wine cellar, inside the monastery, passed under cemetery, to the barrage mill and exited on to the Prahova riverbank, tunnels that are today blocked.

But what is even more important is that around 1936, the first Superior Rural School was founded here, organized by the Royal Foundation Prince Carol by command of His Majesty.

This school addressed young people between the ages of 18 and 21 from the hills of Muntenia and the students learned all the necessary for a model farmer. The curriculum included courses in agriculture, fruit growing, household, animal husbandry, beekeeping and forestry applications and skills and workshops.

The school has been visited by senior dignitaries from the country and abroad many times.

Prof. Univ. Dimitrie Gusti, General Director of the Royal Foundation Prince Carol, said about the school graduates that they would be the “Guardians of the commune”.

“From here, we will observe you with love but also with severity, you will have to be the best householders in your communes, you have the duty to take care of the school from your village, to help it, to love the village home, if it is, to strengthen it, if not, to create it. The Rural School is a school for all the village institutions. If, this school transformed you – then you have to transform your village and peasantry for the good of the country. “

Dr. Prof. Univ. Dimitrie Gusti

On the way to the Upper School of Taraneasca you can visit the Ruins of the Draghici Cantacuzino Palace, the Magureni Church and Lady Stanca’s Princely Court

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